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Restatement of Walls’ argument for the plausibility of purgatory

Not long ago, I made brief reference to Jerry Walls and his book on purgatory as total transformation. In a FB post today, Jerry expressed understandable pleasure at this commendatory review of his book. The review primarily restates Walls’ argument: “His goal is not to prove that a doctrine of purgatory is true. It is to suggest that, on a given understanding of purgatory, the Scriptures do not conflict with it, core Christian doctrines are … Continue reading

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Should Protestants affirm a doctrine of purgatory?

Recently, I’ve observed within evangelicalism a new sympathy for some sort of purgatory in the saving process. For instance, one might take from a statement by Roger Olson in a blog post today, that he has moved in this direction. Here is the paragraph I have in mind:  “This touches on a subject I’ve raised here before. To what extent should we let historical figures off the hook just because of the cultural context and … Continue reading

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