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Particular revelation accessibilism

In a comment on my previous post regarding the metanarrative that informs accessibilist readings of Scripture, Chris Wettstein has said some things to which I want to respond more fully, by way of a new post. Chris’s comment Chris wrote as follows: In further reflection upon your article, I think that there could be a helpful distinction to note between 2 kinds of “Gospel exclusivists”: (1) those who believe the exact details of the gospel … Continue reading

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Why some see gospel exclusivism and others see accessibilism in Scripture

I am always intrigued when sincere believers, committed to the authority of Scripture, and reading it with essentially the same hermeneutic, arrive at different conclusions about what Scripture teaches. It happens re: monergism/synergism, complementarianism/egalitarianism, credo-baptism/pedo-baptism, and on many other points. In recent years, since becoming an accessibilist, I have pondered the matter in regard to the salvation of the unevangelized. When Robert Peterson and Christopher Morgan had a draft of their manuscript of Faith Comes … Continue reading

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Is inclusivism evangelical?

In recent years, the criteria for identifying individuals or institutions as “evangelical” have been a matter of debate. Numerous issues have been identified as areas in which one’s credentials as an evangelical can be tested. But I was a bit taken aback, a few months ago, when a Southern Baptist leader of Calvinist convictions stated that inclusivism does not fit within evangelicalism. (Since I failed to record the location of his statement when I read … Continue reading

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