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Now that I have a web-site, I decided to make use of it for the benefit of less theological friends as well. It occurs to me, however, that this non-theological stuff might also interest someone who comes to my site for theology. You’ll find a new tab, titled “Thots Non-Theological” under which is a section for “Trip Journals.” There, I have posted my trip journals for 4 trips taken last year: (1) a weekend bus trip to Calgary to visit a son, (2) a transatlantic repositioning cruise, from Port Canaveral to Copenhagen, (3) a Baltic cruise and (4) a trip to Michigan to meet our 5th grandchild, and on to Ontario to celebrate my mother’s 100th birthday.

On our overseas travels, we look at lots of church buildings and some of these trigger theological thoughts too, like the Remonstrant memorial in a Reformed church in Amsterdam. By and large, however, the trips are just for the enjoyment of God’s creation and for relaxation. You are welcome to look at any of it that interests you.


By Terrance Tiessen

I am Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Ethics at Providence Theological Seminary, Canada.

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