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When should we celebrate Easter?

David Demson told us a cute story, during a seminar I took with him on the theology of Karl Barth. It was Easter morning, and Demson was walking across the campus of the University of Toronto. He saw an Orthodox priest coming toward him and he recalled the practice of the Orthodox, so he thought he could give the priest pleasure on that account. As they approached one another, David Demson said “Christ is risen,” … Continue reading

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Evangelical commentary on the WCC General Assembly in 2013

There were many times before 1990 when events on the program of the World Council of Churches’ General Assembly were strongly objectionable to evangelicals. I remember clearly reading about, and being disturbed by, some of those. So I was greatly encouraged by Thomas Schirrmacher’s commentary (published today) on his experience as a representative for the World Evangelical Alliance at the 2013 General Assembly of the World Council of Churches in Busan. This sort of news … Continue reading

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How evangelical Christianity has changed during my lifetime

I have spent all my life in a very similar context to the kind of evangelical environment that Roger Olson describes as his experience. My parents were evangelical missionaries; I attended a missionary boarding school for all but one of my years of elementary and high school education; I attended an evangelical Bible College, graduate school and Seminary; I married a young woman who had also grown up in this same evangelical environment; we spent … Continue reading

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Christianity and Confucianism: a rising issue in contextualization

What God is doing amongst Muslims these days is quite remarkable, but this has generated difficult questions for Christian churches in predominantly Muslim nations, as they work through issues of contextualization. What should Christian churches look like in those contexts? The debate over the “Insider Movement” is quite intense these days, with both missionaries and former Muslim believers lined up on both the pro and con side. Now Christianity Today alerts us to another challenge … Continue reading

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What can Christian churches expect in China in coming years?

Peter Berger offers a well informed but tentative analysis of the future prospects for Christianity in China, in view of the questions that naturally arise in retrospect of what “seems to be a concerted government effort to clamp down on Christian churches in Wenzhou, the city with the highest percentage of Christians in China.” Berger’s analysis prompts me to pray that God will bring good to Christ’s church, as he directs the affairs of China, … Continue reading

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The silence of western media about the global persecution of Christians

Many people have noticed that the mainstream media in western nations is ignorant or uninterested in the persecution of Christians which is epidemic in many parts of the world. Secularist prejudices tend them to view the Christian church as an oppressor and they are predisposed to be blind to situations where Christians are the victims. The reasons for this are doubtless much more complex than my remark indicates, but the reality is certainly obvious. Mark … Continue reading

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