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What is a charismatic?

You have probably heard of the furor generated by the Strange Fire Conference sponsored by John MacArthur, concerning which subject he has written a book which expresses his concern (Strange Fire). I was not at the conference nor do I have the book, but yesterday I listened to a couple of interviews by Michael Brown. In the first hour, he interviewed Phil Johnson, the executive director of Grace to You. From that interview, I got … Continue reading

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The Saving Work of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

“How was one regenerated apart from the inward work of the Holy Spirit?” and even more foundationally, “How is one forgiven of their sins in the OT apart from union with Christ?” The answer to both questions must be that one isn’t; regeneration apart from the Spirit and forgiveness without union is impossible. (Jonathan Brack)   While growing up, I was taught that there was a sharp difference between the work of the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

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Baptism in the Spirit and Union with Christ

After creation and the incarnation, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is the third great work of God (Herman Bavinck). Since we are united to Christ, God regards us in the identical way he does Christ. The Father treats us in exactly the same way as he does his own eternal and beloved Son (Robert Letham).           Robert Letham deals with Pentecost, in the third chapter of  Union with Christ: in … Continue reading

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Ministering in the power of the Spirit of the risen Christ

The sending of the new covenant Spirit by the risen Christ Last Sunday, Gail and I worshiped at the large Winnipeg church in which our daughter and son in law are very involved. During the sermon, the pastor commented on Jesus’ statement to his disciples (Jn 16:7) that it would be better if he left them and returned to the Father, because  only then could the Spirit come. The pastor said that he did not … Continue reading

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The evidence of a spiritual gift

Paul tells us that God gives his people spiritual gifts for the common good, in order that we might each contribute to the building up of the body of Christ which is his church. So I consider one of the key indications of a spiritual gift to be that a person is noticeably fruitful in some particular area of ministry, for the good of the church. I have been sometimes struck by this spiritual fruitfulness … Continue reading

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