Chastity as an evangelistic method

I’m always fascinated by the way in which God brings people to himself, and I just read one conversion story that wonderfully illustrates the variety of means God uses. Guillaume Bignon is a French atheist who met an American Christian woman on vacation in St. Martin. He liked her but her faith dictated that they could not have a sexual relationship outside of marriage. This greatly frustrated him and it set him on a course that proved spiritually life saving. He describes his strategy this way:

Her religious beliefs clearly remained the problem, and my new goal in life was essentially to explain to her why all this was untenable, so that she could put this nonsense behind her, and we could be together without her misconceptions standing in the way. So I started thinking about the whole thing. What good reason was there to think God exists, and what good reason was there to think atheism was true instead?

That led him to start reading the Bible, and he prayed an unbeliever’s prayer.

 I figured there was at least one experiment that could be carried out to dis-confirm the belief that God exists: I thought “if any of this is true, then there is a God who exists right now and presumably cares greatly about this project of mine”, so I started to pray in the air as an atheist “If there is a God, then here I am, I’m looking into this, why don’t you go ahead and reveal yourself to me. I’m open.”

How God answered that prayer and turned Bignon into a Christian theologian you can discover by reading his account of his conversion experience.

It is so much fun to watch God at work, growing the community of believers one at a time.

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