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I pay very little attention to analyzing traffic to my blog during the year but, at the end of the year, I find it interesting to check on what posts on my site have brought the most visitors that year. My life got busy in unexpected ways in 2017, so I got very few new posts written, but people kept finding me through searches which took them to things I had written previously.

I do not know why, but Google Analytics gives me a somewhat different picture than my server, which is SiteGround. Four posts made both lists of the top 10 visited, which means that 6 posts on each analysis did not appear on the other one.

I am collating the data from both lists, identifying items as “G” or “S,” in hopes that something which has particularly attracted others in the last year, will meet an interest you have right now.

S1   What did Jesus Suffer “for us and for our salvation?”

G1 & S4  Should a funeral mourn a death or celebrate a life?

S2 & G 2  “Four-point” and “five-point” Calvinism defined

S3  Calvinism, Molinism, Arminianism, and Open Theism: monergism/synergism at the macro and micro levels.

G3 & S6  A female soul in a male body?: a theological proposal

G4  The distinction between Reformed Arminians and Wesleyan Arminians

S5  Boyd’s open theist model of providence

G5 & S10  Does Satan have authority or only power?

G6  Christianity and Confucianism: a rising issue in contextualization

S7  For whom did Christ die?

G7  An Introductory Guide for Readers of N. T. Wright’s Books

S8  The “open” and “closed system” approaches to theology

G8  Should our kids be playing hockey on Sunday?

S9  Dallas Willard and open theism

G9  The purpose and duration of the conscious suffering of the wicked

G10  Can we pray for something in the past?

May God grow you theologically in the next year, for his glory and the good of the world.


By Terrance Tiessen

I am Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Ethics at Providence Theological Seminary, Canada.

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