Preston Sprinkle on the nature of hell

Preston SprinklePreston Sprinkle has now concluded a series of 4 blog posts on the nature of eternal punishment/hell. His final post sums up his present stance: he is pausing for a time of serious consideration of the relative merits of eternal conscious torment and what he aptly calls “terminal punishment” (destruction). Links to the first 3 posts can be found at the beginning of this last one.

I commend Sprinkle for his careful biblical exegesis, for his forthrightness in sharing the process he is undergoing, and for his commitment to following Scripture wherever it leads, however unpopular that conclusion may be with fellow Christians. Some of those people will have done a great deal less study than he has, but others will have studied Scripture with equal care but arrived at a different conclusion.

Because of my own long and cautious study down the road he is traveling, I’ll be surprised if he does not ultimately conclude that “terminal punishment” is what the Bible teaches. We can pray for him in his search, and that God will continue to give him the courage to believe and teach what he is convinced God has revealed to us in his Word.

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