Books to which I have contributed

“Does Calvinism Have Room for Middle Knowledge? A Conversation,” (with Paul Helm), “A Response to John Laing’s Criticisms of Hypothetical Knowledge Calvinism,” and “A Calvinist Perspective in the Conversation about Middle Knowledge.” In Calvinism and Middle Knowledge: A Conversation, ed. Laing, John D, Kirk R. MacGregor, and Greg Welty, 95-117; 157-183; 202-220. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2019. 





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A Consuming Passion 2“My Long Journey to Annihilationism.” In A Consuming Passion: Essays on Hell and Immortality in Honor
of Edward Fudge
, ed. Christopher M. Date and Ron Highfield, 17-31. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2015.

[The first account of my journey appeared in a blog post on July 21, 2014. Later, I was asked to contribute my story for a chapter in A Consuming Passion.  I was very happy for that opportunity because, by then, I had moved on from my original “agnosticism” concerning the nature of hell, although I believed that the Bible taught annihilation more clearly than any other of the alternatives. I had become thoroughly convinced of this and no longer needed to claim agnosticism. I was also happy for the opportunity to outline the biblical data which led me to my conviction. I have therefore posted an excerpt of the article, containing a more extended account of “Stage 5 of my journey.”]

“Irenaeus,” and “Providence,” in Dictionary of Christian Spirituality, gen. ed. Glen G. Scorgie. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Academic, 2011. 





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