Journal Articles

“The Salvation of the Unevangelized in the Light of God’s Covenants,” Evangelical Review of Theology 36/3 (July 2012):231-49. [This is a slight revision of a paper read at ETS: God’s Covenants: A Ground for Hopefulness Regarding the Unevangelized]

Helm, Paul and Terrance L. Tiessen. “Does Calvinism Have Room for Middle Knowledge?,” Westminster Theological Journal 71/2 (Fall 2009): 437-54. [A draft of my portion of this jointly authored article is available: Does Calvinism Have Room for Middle Knowledge? (my part)]

Stricken by God?: A Review Article,” in Theodidaktos 4/1 (April 2009): 3-16.

“Salvation and  the Religions: An Accessibilist Perspective,” Mission Focus: Annual Review, Vol. 15 (2007): 5-26.

“Why Calvinists Should Believe in Divine Middle Knowledge, Although They Reject Molinism,” Westminster Theological Journal 69 (2007): 345-66. [A draft of this article is available]

Tiessen and James M. Hamilton. “Who Can Be Saved? Critical Dialogue Over a Recent Review. Response to James M. Hamilton Jr. Rejoinder to Terrance Tiessen.” Trinity Journal 28/2 (Fall 2007): 291-94.

“God, Time and Knowledge: What Does God Know and When Does God Know It?” Proceedings, Currents in Biblical and Theological Dialogue 2 (2003): 98-121. (Also in Didaskalia 18/1 [Winter 2007]: 141-63.)

“Response to Clark Pinnock [“Acts 4:12: No Other Name Under Heaven],” The Canadian Evangelical Review 28 (Autumn 2004): 17-20.

“God’s Work of Grace in the Context of the Religions,” Evangelical Review of Theology 27/3 (July 2003): 247-67. (Also in Didaskalia 18/1 [Winter 2007]: 165-91.)

“Proclaiming Jesus Christ as the One Universal Savior and Lord in a World of Religious and Secular Pluralism [WEF working group report],” Evangelical Review of Theology 21 (Jan 1997): 15-18.

“Divine Justice and Universal Grace: A Calvinistic Proposal,” Evangelical Review of Theology 21/1 (Jan 1997): 63-83. (Also in Didaskalia 18/1 [Winter 2007]: 71-96.)

“Peut-on définir une éthique universelle à partir de l’Ecriture?”, Hokhma: Revue de réflexion théologique 63 (1996): 19-44.

“Irenaeus and Modern Responses to the Challenge of Religious Pluralism,” ATA Journal 4/2 (July 1996): 30-51. (Also in Didaskalia 18/1 [Winter 2007]: 49-69.) [Available in pdf format here: Irenaeus and Modern Responses to the Challenges of Religious Pluralism]

“Can the Unevangelized Be Saved?: A Review Article,” Didaskalia 4/2 (Fall 1993): 77-91.

“Christian Theology in the Third World: A Look at the Issues,” Didaskalia 4/2 (Fall 1993):

“Toward a Hermeneutic for Discerning Universal Moral Absolutes,” Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society  36/2  (June 1993): 189-207. [Also in Didaskalia 18/1 [Winter 2007]: 5-29.) [A pdf of this article is available here: Toward a Hermeneutic for Discerning Universal Moral Absolutes]

“To Eat or Not to Eat?”  Journal for Case Teaching  3 (Fall 1991):143-148.

“Irenaeus on Salvation and the Millennium,” Didaskalia 3/1 (Oct 1991):2-5.

“The Optimistic Activism of Postmillennial Eschatology,” Didaskalia 3/1 (Oct 1991):6-23.

“The Biblical Basis of Relief and Development,” Evangelical Thrust, June 1979, 10-14; July 1979, 22-24; August 1979; September 1979, 13-15; October 1979, 22-23.  (Serialized publication of a paper delivered at the Consultation on Relief and Development, sponsored by the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, April 9, 1979.)