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The double intent of the atonement and the nature of hell

An interesting discussion arose in the Facebook group of Rethinking Hell, in regard to my identification of the genuine issues involved in the choice of annihilationism or endless conscious punishment as the biblical teaching concerning hell. (I’ll not mention names, because of the informal nature of FB conversation and the closed membership of the group.) One commenter doubted that I was right to identify penal substitutionary atonement as a non-issue, because he claimed that I … Continue reading

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Hell: endless conscious punishment or final annihilation? What are and are not the issues?

The nature and purpose of hell have been items keenly discussed within the church throughout its history. The three major alternatives which arose early in Christian theology are still alive and well, both inside and outside of evangelicalism. Though many Christians wish that universalism were true, it is affirmed by only a small minority of evangelicals because it entails post mortem evangelism, and because Scripture’s testimony to the final judgment of some unrepentant sinners is … Continue reading

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Paul’s premillennialist eschatology, in light of reconciliationism

After publishing my previous post regarding the reconciliationist understanding of hell, I got to thinking about 1 Cor 15:28, in terms of my premillennialist eschatology. From George Ladd (The Last Things), I have appropriated the idea that 1 Cor 15 is where Paul lays out his own premillennialist eschatology. Here Paul provides an explanation of God’s purpose for the earthly reign of Christ after his return (which is best known from John’s writing in Rev … Continue reading

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Do the residents of hell continue sinning endlessly?

When evil is ultimately and finally vanquished, sinful acts and sinful hearts will nowhere be found. (Bawulski, “Reconciliationism,” 133) I can think of no doctrine that troubles Christians as much as hell. Many of us wish that universalism were true, but Scripture convinces us otherwise. Perhaps traditionalists (those who believe that hell entails endless conscious punishment) feel the weight of objections to this doctrine more than annihilationists do, but even they frequently voice a wish … Continue reading

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Should we rethink “hell”?

I had an interesting invitation today from Chris Date, who  blogs at Rethinking Hell. He asked if they could interview me for a podcast, and if I would be willing to write an endorsement for their web site. I declined on the first request but acceded to the second. They have done a very fine bit of web page development, and they are offering a good resource for people wanting to examine what Scripture has … Continue reading

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