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Christianity and Confucianism: a rising issue in contextualization

What God is doing amongst Muslims these days is quite remarkable, but this has generated difficult questions for Christian churches in predominantly Muslim nations, as they work through issues of contextualization. What should Christian churches look like in those contexts? The debate over the “Insider Movement” is quite intense these days, with both missionaries and former Muslim believers lined up on both the pro and con side. Now Christianity Today alerts us to another challenge … Continue reading

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The potential of global English to enrich the Christian church’s production of contextualized theologies

My wife has taught many hundreds of people to teach English as a second language and her students are now scattered around the globe doing this. I have learned interesting things from her about the international nature of English as a language now. This is particularly important in the church, because most of the theological resources available to the global church are in English but most of the Christians in the world do not speak … Continue reading

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