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Does annihilationism diminish our motivation for evangelism?

This morning, I received a short letter which raised a question that comes up quite often, so I thought I’d post my response for a wider readership. The letter said: Hi Terry, I had someone say to me in regards to the Annihilationist view that, any view that undermines our desire to see the lost saved is a bad move. In other words, he’s saying that Annihilationism decreases the urgency for bringing the gospel to the … Continue reading

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The evidence of a spiritual gift

Paul tells us that God gives his people spiritual gifts for the common good, in order that we might each contribute to the building up of the body of Christ which is his church. So I consider one of the key indications of a spiritual gift to be that a person is noticeably fruitful in some particular area of ministry, for the good of the church. I have been sometimes struck by this spiritual fruitfulness … Continue reading

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Our role as spiritual midwives

After I posted my reflections on the conversation between Gavin D’Costa and Daniel Strange, Dan kindly sent me a draft of some material he had written by way of response, for inclusion in the manuscript for a book on which he is currently working. I was grateful for this opportunity for further conversation, and I made a few additional comments on what Dan had sent me. I am not at liberty to pass on his … Continue reading

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On “inviting Jesus into my heart”

Some years ago, when people did theology on list-serves rather than on blogs, I wondered aloud, on the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association List serve, about the wisdom of encouraging people to “accept Jesus into their hearts.” It triggered a good discussion. I was reminded of that conversation when I read a post by Paul Helm, recently, in which he reflects on this terminology himself. You can find his whole post here, but I’ll cite a … Continue reading

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