Theology of religions

Jerry Walls on worshiping the same God

In an interesting and helpful post, Jerry Walls asks: “Wheaton, Allah, and the Trinity: Do Muslims Really Worship the Same God as C. S. Lewis?” He gets into the critical work of distinguishing questions which might be in people’s minds when the basic one is on the table. I have addressed that problem in an […]

Eschatology Soteriology

How can models of salvation be compared on a scale of graciousness?: a response to Jerry Walls

    Daniel Sinclair has shared what he learned at the 2015 Rethinking Hell Conference. Since I was not there myself, I read his comments with interest, but I was surprised when my name showed up in his second point. I think that the ideas cited from Walls definitely merit some consideration, and I offer […]


Restatement of Walls’ argument for the plausibility of purgatory

Not long ago, I made brief reference to Jerry Walls and his book on purgatory as total transformation. In a FB post today, Jerry expressed understandable pleasure at this commendatory review of his book. The review primarily restates Walls’ argument: “His goal is not to prove that a doctrine of purgatory is true. It is […]