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How Christian marriages serve the church’s witness

Last year, Gail and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary, and we often had occasion during the year to thank the Lord for his kindness to us. We started dating when we were 17 and 18, so we sort of grew up together. We are grateful to have reached this stage of life with good health and the prospect of more years together.     One of the good gifts for which we thank God … Continue reading

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A perspective on mixed-orientation marriages

Recently, I attended a city Christian Prayer Breakfast which is an annual event bringing together a large group of evangelicals. The guest speaker talked about the ministry of Christians in the community, and he mentioned how good and important it is for churches to be communities that welcome diversity. Among the kinds of diversity that he encouraged within the church was “sexual orientation.” My first thought was: “Whoops, that is ‘politically correct’ but it is … Continue reading

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Is Proverbs 31 describing the ideal wife?

I have often heard Proverbs 31 cited as a biblical description of the ideal wife, particularly in Mother’s Day sermons. John Walton and Andrew Hill have another take on what is going on in that passage (Old Testament Today, 2nd edition, p. 380), which looks right, so I’m happy that Louis McBride brought it to my attention in a blog post today. Walton and Hill note a problem that has been created by the reading … Continue reading

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