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D’ Costa’s critique of Strange’s subversive fulfilment interpretation of other religions

Dialogue between Gavin D’Costa and Daniel Strange D’Costa’s response to Strange’s position Gavin D’Costa begins his response to Daniel Strange’s subversive fulfilment approach by enumerating numerous foundational points of agreement, but he is conscious of a Calvinist-Catholic divide that is daunting (145-46). Among points of difference which D’Costa attributes to this divide are: Dan’s rejection of the concept of “invincible ignorance,” which arose within Catholic theology in the 16th century and was particularly emphasized in … Continue reading

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Conversation about D’ Costa’s fulfillment approach

Paul Knitter’s response to D’ Costa Knitter responds to Gavin D’ Costa as a fellow Catholic and a friend, but he asserts that D’ Costa is wrong on a number of critical points: D’ Costa thinks tradition to be “like a wise man living through the centuries, learning to adjust and speak different languages as times and cultures change,” whereas Knitter images it as “a couple procreating new embodiments of truth and so producing a … Continue reading

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