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First and second death: similarities and differences

The significance of death as God’s punishment of humans for sin We don’t read far in the Bible before we encounter the reality of human death. It comes in Genesis 2:16, when God commands Adam not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because, if he does, he will die “in that day.” From this, we gather that death was not natural for God’s image bearers, but their immortality was … Continue reading

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Restatement of Walls’ argument for the plausibility of purgatory

Not long ago, I made brief reference to Jerry Walls and his book on purgatory as total transformation. In a FB post today, Jerry expressed understandable pleasure at this commendatory review of his book. The review primarily restates Walls’ argument: “His goal is not to prove that a doctrine of purgatory is true. It is to suggest that, on a given understanding of purgatory, the Scriptures do not conflict with it, core Christian doctrines are … Continue reading

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Should Protestants affirm a doctrine of purgatory?

Recently, I’ve observed within evangelicalism a new sympathy for some sort of purgatory in the saving process. For instance, one might take from a statement by Roger Olson in a blog post today, that he has moved in this direction. Here is the paragraph I have in mind:  “This touches on a subject I’ve raised here before. To what extent should we let historical figures off the hook just because of the cultural context and … Continue reading

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