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Do Calvinistic Baptists belong within the Reformed community of churches?

  Through the years, I have had a few conversations with members of Reformed churches about the wish of Calvinistic Baptists to be identified as “Reformed,” as in “Reformed Baptist.” Some of those Reformed or Presbyterian people have rejected as an oxymoron the name “Reformed Baptist” because Baptists do not follow a presbyterial polity or baptize the infant children of believers. We insist, rather, that only believers should be baptized. In proof of the inappropriateness … Continue reading

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Is “Reformed Baptist” an oxymoron?

I was a Baptist when I came to believe in a Calvinistic soteriology, in a theological shift that was triggered by reading John Murray’s Redemption Accomplished and Applied, so I quickly found myself in sympathetic fellowship with people who called themselves “Reformed Baptists” or sovereign grace Baptists. I got into reading publications from the Banner of Truth Trust, Spurgeon’s sermons and other literature which Calvinistic (Reformed) Baptists recommended to me. In recent years, however, I … Continue reading

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On being Evangelical, Reformed and Baptist

Michael Horton’s presentation Michael Horton begins chapter 6 of For Calvinism,  by explaining why the Calvinist view of the Christian life is neither an antinomian nor a legalist perspective, despite its often being charged with both of these errors. “New covenant saints are still obligated to obey the moral law” (124), and we do not bring our works to God to satisfy his holiness, but because of our faith and love. Consequently, Calvinism fosters both … Continue reading

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