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First and second death: similarities and differences

The significance of death as God’s punishment of humans for sin We don’t read far in the Bible before we encounter the reality of human death. It comes in Genesis 2:16, when God commands Adam not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because, if he does, he will die “in that day.” From this, we gather that death was not natural for God’s image bearers, but their immortality was … Continue reading

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Rethinking Hell Conference # 2

The second conference organized by Rethinking Hell will convene at Fuller Theological Seminary on June 18-20. The theme for this year’s conference is “Conditional Immortality and the Challenge of Universal Salvation.” The program looks excellent and I’m sorry that I won’t be there, though I hope to catch up on many of the sessions afterwards if RH makes video/audio files of them available. I commend the conference to anyone who is seeking a better informed … Continue reading

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Miles on the nature and purpose of hell

            I have been thinking about the nature of hell lately so it was interesting to come to Todd Miles’s thoughts on this subject in chapter 3 of A God of Many Understandings? Universalism Miles suggests that the number of Christians who believe in universalism is growing and that “by the end of the late twentieth century, there was perhaps no traditional doctrine that had been so widely abandoned as … Continue reading

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Another reason why “annihilationism” is a better name than “conditionalism:” evangelical universalism is a form of conditionalism

In March, I gave some reasons why “ultimate annihilationism” is a better name for that position than “conditional immortality,” although the latter is widely used by proponents of this position. As I jogged today, I was listening to a fine interview by Chris Date with Robin Parry, the author of Evangelical Universalist (under the pen name of Gregory MacDonald). Once again, I was reminded that a synergist (like Robin Parry) can only be a hopeful … Continue reading

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