The most read posts on my blog site in 2016

During the year, I pay very little attention to the stats regarding activity on my blog site but, at the end of the year, it is always fun to see which of the posts I’ve written drew the most interest during the past year. In previous years, I’ve listed the top 10, but this year I checked two analyses (Google Analytics and my web host, Siteground) and I did not get completely the same results. The top 4 in the Google analysis also showed up in Siteground, and in the same order, but not with the same rank. I don’t know how the two criteria or processes differ, so I’m listing below all the posts which showed up in one or both of the analyses, starting with the 4 which were common, along with links. I’ve also indicated in what year each post was written.

  1. “Four-point” and “five-point” Calvinism defined (2012)
  2. Should a funeral mourn a death or celebrate a life? (2012)
  3. A female soul in a male body?: a theological proposal (2015)
  4. Why did it take me so long to accept the strong biblical indication that God finally destroys the wicked? (2016)
  5. Against Calvinism 4 – the TULIP system (2012)
  6. The distinction between Reformed Arminians and Wesleyan Arminians (2015)
  7. Ministering in the power of the Spirit of the risen Christ (2012)
  8. Christianity and Confucianism: a rising issue in contextualization (2014)
  9. What did Jesus suffer “for us and for our salvation”? (2016)
  10. Should local churches be autonomous? (2012)
  11. How would Molinism work without the affirmation of the Principle of Alternative Possibilities? (2016)
  12. Jerry Walls on worshiping the same God (2016)
  13. “Conservative” and “progressive”: Are these our best terms to describe the alternatives? (2016)
  14. Calvinism, Molinism, Arminianism, and Open Theism: monergism/synergism at the macro and micro levels. (2013)
  15. “Allah,” the God of Arab Christians (2016)
  16. Can we pray for something in the past? (2015)

Perhaps one of the above posts will capture your interest. Better yet, maybe one of them will be helpful to you now, making it worthwhile for me to have written it, whenever that was.


By Terrance Tiessen

I am Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Ethics at Providence Theological Seminary, Canada.

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